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Saturn IB (SA-211) Display Details

Saturn 1B (SA-211) stands at the Alabama Welcome Center near Ardmore, Alabama just south of the Tennessee state line on Interstate 65. This display appears to consist of the S-1B-211 first stage topped by a dummy or static test S-IVB stage of unknown origin and by boilerplate Apollo hardware.  In 1979, the SA-211 first stage was pulled from display on the Marshall Space Flight Center grounds, fitted with spare engines (including one inboard engine incorrectly positioned in an outboard position), and moved to the Welcome Center. There it was erected to stand vertically, becoming the world's tallest assembled rocket display. This interesting display is marred by an inverted S-IVB dummy stage (possibly the S-IVB battleship stage) with a substantially incorrect paint scheme, by the absence of an instrument unit (IU) atop the S-IVB stage, and by the imposition of a ladder to reach aircraft warning lights at the top of the launch escape tower. Over the years, the engine bells and base of SA-211 have been defaced with graffiti and covered by a substantial layer of bird droppings and moss.

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A-211 at the Alabama Welcome Center in 2002 (Click for enlargements) 

S-IVB-211, the SA-211 second stage, was shorn of its J-2 engine and towed to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville where it was outfitted with a mockup Skylab section. There it remains today.  NASA quality inspection stamps from 1971 can still be found on avionics boxes at the base of this stage.

S-IVB-211 at U.S. Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville, AL

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